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Fuzhou Blackdiamond Commodity Co., Ltd is established in 1999, is professionally manufacturing the bamboo charcoal commodities, daily chemicals products, commodities, gifts,beddings and many other variety products. BLACKDIAMOND pay great attention to the research and development of diversified products,also is majoring in researching, producing, processing and selling of products. 80% products export to different countries. BLACKDIAMOND successfully developed the markets in different countries; include Europe, Unite State, Japan, Australia and many others. Also, BLACKDIAMOND obtained the approval from the most of consumers, and achieved very high reputation and favorable comment, also successfully obtained the FAMOUS MARK of Fujian China. In 2003, BLACKDIAMOND is designated as the supported enterprise of Fujian Innovation and Technology fund; in 2004, the company is designated as the performing organization of “the action plan of revitalizing trade through science technology”. BLACKDIAMOND has many professional and outstanding business person, mature market channel, good business reputation; especially in gift market of Japan and Taiwan. BLACKDIAMOND focus on producing and developing more environmental, healthy and functional products, with the purpose of “honesty, profession and enthusiasm”, constantly improve strength of the business, perfect manufacturing process, extend larger market, extend market share, and establish good corporation relationship with all the consumers.

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